Questions to Ask a Bride to Help Her Plan Her Wedding

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Brides-to-be may be overwhelmed with wedding planning. If you are a close friend or family member, approach the bride and ask if you can help her with anything. Wedding magazines and websites often feature wedding checklists. Review these lists along with a bride to get an idea of the preparations that will need to be made.


Immediately after an engagement, brides and grooms need to discuss their desires and preferences for the wedding. Ask the bride about her desires. During what time of the year does she want to get married? Where does she want to get married and where would she hold the reception? Will they have a themed wedding, like a beach theme or disco themed wedding? What is her budget for the wedding day? Write down these details for consideration. Ask if she has decided on a firm wedding date and if she has booked a hall, church or other venue.

Finding Vendors and Guests

Does the bride-to-be intend to use the services of a videographer, florist, musician, officiant, photographer or caterer? Help her create a list of possible vendors for the ceremony and reception. What would she like those in the bridal party to wear? Who does she intend to invite? Does she want children at the wedding reception? You should also ask if she would like to have an engagement party or a bridal shower. Does she want to sign up for a wedding gift registry at a store? If so, where? If the wedding is approaching in the next few months, you should also ask if she has booked her vendors yet.

Wedding Decorations

Ask the bride about wedding decorations. Has she considered how she wants the reception and ceremony to be decorated, and what she intends to use for centerpieces and wedding favors? Ask if she has selected stationary for wedding invitations and announcements and if she has sent them out yet, if the wedding is within the next few months. Has she created a seating arrangement for guests at the reception? If so, she should create name tags for each seating area. How does she want the tables to be laid out at the ceremony? How does she want the tables to be decorated?

Honeymoon and Thank-You Notes

Ask the bride if she has purchased thank-you notes for use and if somebody is currently helping her keep track of the gifts that she has received. She should also keep track of thank-you notes that she has sent to guests. If she is honeymooning, ask a few months in advance if she has booked her hotel room and transportation. Has she made reservations for restaurants that she hopes to visit during her honeymoon?