Power of Physical Touch in Marriage

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Physical touch can be considered a core component of relationships and has the power to enhance your marriage. Such a common and small form of communication holds an immense capacity to reinforce your and your partner's physical health. Touch can also be strong enough to be your partner's love language, or how she wishes to receive love. Implementing this form of communication in your marriage bodes well for you, your partner and your marriage.

Enhances Your Physical Health

Physical touch is so powerful in a marriage that it can positively affect physical health. Limiting stress on your partner creates cardiovascular benefits. In her article The Power Of Touch: How Physical Contact Can Improve Your Health, cited in "Oprah Magazine" and published in the Huffington Post, Diana Sprechler states touching your spouse reduces his blood pressure, but also decreases his level of cortisol, a hormone which responds to stress. Such an effect is important because it means that touch has a positive impact on your spouse's health by reducing heart strain. When your spouse is less stressed, so is his heart, reducing his chances of heart disease and other risk factors related to cardiovascular issues.

Is a Powerful Communicator

Physical touch is powerful in a marriage because it is another way to communicate with your spouse. Even without words, physical contact conveys a variety of emotions and feelings. Soft touches on your spouse's arm show that you care and support her, and a warm hug upon your return home indicates how happy you are to see her again. According to The Wellspring, a site dedicated to promoting wellness in many of life's domains, physical touch has the capacity to demonstrate a wide range of emotions that are not bound by verbal expression, such as sympathy, care and especially love. Physical contact's power of communicating with out words means that you can still show love for your partner even when you cannot find the right words -- you don't have to rely on verbal skills. Giving the right kind of touch to your partner to give her a glimpse of your emotions, such as a warm embrace when she comes through the door after a long day, which demonstrates your support for her.

Strengthens Your Emotional Bonds

Physical touch in a marriage is an important tool for strengthening bonds. When couples touch in affectionate or positive ways, they increase their production of oxytocin. This hormone is a key player in establishing and maintaining bonds between people. When you and your spouse touch, you are taking a tiny step to increase the strength of your relationship. This process goes on to reduce levels of fear, but also enhance trust in a marriage, according to the University of California at San Diego Physical contact becomes important for your marriage because it serves to create a stronger connection by building on trust, an important element in all relationships

Releases the Language of Love

Physical touch is powerful enough to be a global and primal love language for everyone. Gary Chapman, author of "The Five Love Languages," states that physical touch as a love language can manifest as soft caresses and intimate physical contact as a demonstration of love Touch makes people feel loved and wanted, and you can incorporate it into your relationship in many different ways. Give him a light touch on his arm during dinner to demonstrate your connection to him, adding a level of intimacy to a common behavior. If he is feeling stressed, tell him that things will end up alright and give him a kiss on the cheek with a smile, illustrating love and care on multiple levels and deepening your intent to relieve his stress.