How to Place Spike Studs on a Jean Jacket

by Melissa J. Bell
Rihanna sports studs at a 2010 promotional event in Berlin.

Rihanna sports studs at a 2010 promotional event in Berlin.

Distressing details aren't the only extras worth adding to your denim -- go big and bold with a hot jean jacket and pump up your look with a touch of modern-vintage punk. Don't let the retro roots scare you -- the studded jacket style oozes glamour with an edge, whether you're just adding texture to a casual ensemble or starting off a night on the town with a little shine. Get a taste of tough without the price attached to studded designer duds and set spike studs into your jean jacket yourself.

Spike a Slow Set

Mark with a pencil the places where you want to place the studs. Spike studs commonly sit on the jacket's shoulders, hems, seamlines, collar or pockets. You can also spread them in patches across the upper back and chest.

Grasp the prongs of a stud with a pair of needle-nosed pliers and bend them slightly inward to facilitate stud insertion and prevent denim ripples.

Grasp the top of the stud with your fingers and hold it over one of your pencil markings with the prongs facing downward. Push the prongs through the denim until the stud lays flat against the material and the prongs protrude fully through the opposite side of the jacket.

Grasp one of the stud prongs with the pliers and bend the prong fully inward, until it lays flat against the fabric like a paper staple. Grasp and bend the other prong inward to secure the spike stud.

Insert and secure studs all along your pencil markings.

Machine-Age Mechanisms

Mark out the stud positions on the jacket with a pencil.

Place a stud into the mouth of the stud-setting tool, with the prong side facing downward. Press firmly against the top of the stud with your fingers until it clicks into the tool.

Slide the denim between the setting tool's mouth and its base. Line up the pencil marking with the mouth.

Pump the arm of the setting tool to lower the mouth onto the denim. Press firmly, until the prongs punch through the fabric.

Insert and set the remaining spike studs into the jacket.

Items you will need

  • Pencil
  • Needle-nosed pliers
  • Spike studs
  • Stud-setting tool


  • Wear gloves when setting studs to prevent your hands from becoming raw.

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