How to Overcome Loneliness After the Death of a Husband

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Grief is a difficult time in any person's life. It may be especially challenging following the death of a partner, like a husband. When a woman loses her husband, she loses not only a romantic partner, but a companion for social activities, a confidant and someone who made her feel important and loved on a daily basis. Dealing with this sudden loss can be amplified by the feelings of loneliness that accompany being separated from this person. By reaching out to the right people and resources, a woman struggling with the death of her husband can take steps toward overcoming her loneliness.

Step 1

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Do not rush. Though you eventually need to pick up the pieces of your life and carry on, take time to accept your spouse's death—and all of its consequences.

Step 2

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Seek support from friends and family. Informal supports like friends, children, siblings or even parents provide not only an outlet for your feelings, but the empathy and unconditional love you may have been missing since the loss of your spouse.

Step 3

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Embrace your independence. You may be accustomed to making life decisions as a member of a partnership, and facing these choices alone can be daunting. Remember that it is OK to make mistakes, and do not fear big decisions.

Step 4

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Allow yourself to feel happy. Going out with old friends and making new ones is an opportunity to enjoy the world, feel social, smile and laugh. You may still miss your husband, but that does not sentence you to a life alone.

Step 5

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Dedicate yourself to service. You may find that making a positive impact on another person's life is a gratifying experience?helping the sick, elderly, poor or homeless may give you a feeling of self-worth.