My Perm Didn't Take: When Can I Re-Perm?


0:05 hi my name is Mark and I'm going to

0:08 answer the question my perm didn't take

0:10 when can i Reaper him the safe answer is

0:15 going to be two months believe it or not

0:17 because you want the hair to kind of

0:19 pull itself back together again and get

0:22 it good and healthy by conditioning

0:24 because once you do your perm the hair

0:26 is open the bonds are switched around

0:28 and it can tend to dry a lot and you may

0:31 end up having a lot of breakage so my

0:34 professional opinion is within about two

0:37 months so you know unfortunately just

0:39 use a blow dryer and a brush and just

0:42 kind of blow it out or use a curling

0:44 iron but the safety answer is going to

0:47 be about two months I know some people

0:49 that will Reaper them and maybe about

0:50 two to three weeks but my safety is

0:54 about eight weeks two months