Mushroom Soup Breakfast Ideas

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Mushroom soup in a well-known ingredient in many dinners, but it also makes a tasty addition to various breakfast dishes. From strata to scrambled eggs, mushroom soup brings a sophisticated taste. The most commonly used type of mushroom soup is cream of mushroom soup. You can also use broth-based mushroom soups to create flavorful breakfast dishes.


Cream of mushroom soup adds a creamy and rich flavor to a plain frittata, which is a crust-free egg pie. Beat several eggs together to create the frittatas. Stir the soup and any additional ingredients, such as diced ham or sliced onions, to the eggs. Cook the mixture in a large skillet until almost set, and then broil until set to lightly brown. Let the frittata cool a few minutes before eating. Serve plain or top with cheese, sour cream or diced mushrooms.


Use mushroom soup as a quick, yet fancy, gravy for old-fashioned biscuits. Warm the cream of mushroom soup and pour it over classic biscuits for a traditional breakfast. Heat broth-based mushroom soup and serve it over whole-wheat biscuits for a lower-fat, higher-fiber alternative. Pour either type of soup over sliced biscuits layered with smoked ham and Swiss cheese for an open-faced breakfast sandwich.


Strata, a custard bread pudding, is often served for breakfast. Mix several eggs, milk and any type of mushroom soup together in a large bowl. Mix any kind of cubed bread into the bowl, such as French bread for a buttery taste or wheat bread for a dash of fiber. Pour the mixture into a casserole dish with any additional ingredients and bake until set. Additional ingredients that pair well with the mushroom strata include bacon, ham, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese and mozzarella cheese.

Scrambled Eggs

Turn simple scrambled eggs into a tasty feast with mushroom soup. Use a small amount of the soup for every two eggs in the bowl. Beat the soup and eggs together until fluffy. Pour the eggs into the heated skillet and cook, stirring frequently, until set. Add spinach, onions, tomatoes and pepper to create scrambled eggs with an earthy garden flavor. Mix crumbled bacon and cheddar cheese into the eggs for a robust breakfast.


Mushroom soup adds some depth of flavor to the fillings in an omelet. Beat a few eggs with milk and cook them in an omelet pan. Use a slotted spoon to remove the mushrooms from the soup. Place the drained mushrooms in the middle of the eggs. Add other ingredients and flip the omelet closed. Cook the omelet to the desired doneness. Drizzle a little soup over the omelet as a finishing touch. Additional ingredients for the omelet could include Canadian bacon, cheese, celery, carrots, zucchini and baby squash.