How to Move Out of My Parents' House at 16

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It is possible to move out of your parents' home at age 16, if certain criteria apply. In the United States of America a child is legally the responsibility of their parents until 18 years of age. In special circumstances, such as marriage or the child becoming a parent themselves, it is possible to become emancipated from your parents before the age of 18. Moving out can be stressful emotionally and financially, so it is best to talk it through maturely with parents or trusted adults. A 16-year-old is still considered a minor, therefore it is not easy to move out of your parents' home.

Step 1

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Ask your parents for permission. Provide a list of reasons why you want to move out and how you plan to support yourself. Tell them where you plan to live with and who with. If your parents give you permission, you may be allowed to leave the family home. If your parents do not agree to you moving out, there are other circumstances in which you may be allowed to leave.

Step 2

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Support yourself financially. If you have dropped out of school and work full time, it is possible to leave home if you prove you can support yourself financially. This law is subject to review and you will have your circumstances assessed before being granted emancipation from your parents. Supporting yourself financially will show you are serious and can earn enough to take care of yourself

Step 3

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Get married. If you are in a long-term relationship, or in the unusual event you feel ready for marriage at 16, this will grant you emancipation, therefore allowing you to move out of your parents' home. The Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center reports that marriage assumes that a person is able to support a minor of their own.

Step 4

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Provide an agreeable living situation for a minor. If you have a child and prove that you have the ability to provide a suitable living situation, you may be granted emancipation. However, becoming pregnant is not enough to grant you permission to leave the parental household; you must also prove that you are capable of supporting the child.

Step 5

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Join the military. In many states, becoming a member of the military automatically grants a person emancipation from their parents, as they are deemed independent.