Morning Appetizers

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Breakfast might not be a typical time to eat appetizers, but getting your kids to eat a full breakfast is not always easy. Whether you are looking for light breakfast ideas or organizing a breakfast party for your kids and their friends, there are many morning appetizer ideas out there that will tickle their tummies and satisfy their taste buds.

Egg Appetizers

Eggs are a quintessential breakfast food, but you don't need to serve a large omelet first thing in the morning. Instead, make a regular omelet with onions, peppers and ham then cut it into bite-sized pieces. Put a toothpick in each piece for a delicious appetizer. You can do the same to make bite-sized frittata pieces, using egg, veggies, cheese and potato. Make scrambled egg appetizers by placing them on bits of whole-grain toast.

Crackers and Bagel Chips

Crackers and bagel chips can be used for a variety of morning appetizers. Spread some light cream cheese on a cracker or bagel chip and top with a small piece of smoked salmon. If your kids have adventurous appetites, put some red onion and capers on top. Crackers and bagel chips with jam or peanut butter also make a delicious and sweet morning appetizer. Add a ranch dip to make eating plain crackers or bagel chips more interesting. Serve with a glass of milk.

Meat Appetizers

Meat gives your child the protein he needs to have energy throughout the day. Mini sausages are a delicious way to start the day. Serve them with a dipping sauce, such as ketchup, barbecue sauce or even maple syrup. To add some extra nutrition, roll a piece of ham or back bacon around a vegetable, such as a celery stick or tomato. You can also use mini tofu sausages as a meat alternative.

Breakfast Biscuits and Muffins

Breakfast biscuits and muffins are a healthy appetizer idea for the morning. Make them with feta cheese, green onion and spinach for a savory breakfast biscuit that your kids will enjoy. Add cheese and bacon for a treat. Muffins in the morning make a satisfying appetizer. Avoid store-bought varieties. Instead, make healthy mini-muffins with whole-wheat flour. Instead of sugar, sweeten the batter with plenty of fresh or frozen fruit, such as blueberries or cranberries.