Menus for an Easy Picnic Lunch Images

Picnics can be large family affairs or intimate romantic dates that take place at parks, beaches, other scenic spots or even in your backyard. Your menu doesn't have to be complicated, but it should reflect your guests' tastes and complement your picnic venue. These outdoor events typically occur during the warmer months, so you'll want to bring easy-to-transport items that are refreshing and tasty. If you are planning an upcoming picnic, save time and energy by choosing hassle-free menu items, such as sandwiches and salads.


Many people think of sandwiches when they think of picnic fare. These food staples are easy to make and carry with you. You can even make a variety of sandwiches to fit finicky eaters' preferences. If a regular sandwich seems too boring for your picnic event, use croissant rolls instead of bread. You can also make your sandwiches more exotic by stuffing pita pockets with soft cheeses and vegetables or using tortillas to create a healthy wrap. Serve easy side items, including pasta salad, chips or coleslaw with a cool, creamy dressing or dip.

Vegetables and Fruits

Eating utensils are not the best fit for picnics, so bring healthy items that are easy to eat. Vegetables will add color to your menu, as well as essential vitamins and nutrients. Some good picnic vegetable items include asparagus spears, baby carrots, bell pepper slices, crunchy peas, radishes, celery sticks and cherry tomatoes. You can eat them plain or bring along a few different dipping sauces. Bring fruits that don't require cutting or slicing, such as apples, strawberries, bananas, oranges and plums.

Family Menu Ideas

If your upcoming picnic is a family occasion, you can put together a menu that will please children and adults alike. Some quintessential picnic menu items include lemonade, potato salad, fried chicken and corn on the cob, which are definite crowd pleasers for most families with kids. You can get these types of items pre-made at your local grocery store or takeout restaurant, which leaves more time to plan games and picnic activities. Don't forget to pack lots of napkins and paper plates.

Date Menu Ideas

If your picnic will be more of a romantic event, choose easy, simple items you can eat with your fingers. Pack a loaf of French bread, an exotic cheese and a container of grapes. Don't forget the bottle of champagne or wine, a corkscrew and wine glasses. If you want a more filling meal, simply drop by the local delicatessen for some cooked meat or pack a pre-made salad with a separate container of dressing.