How to Make Your Own Baby Dedication Certificate

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Baby dedications create a beautiful occasion for parents to share their hopes and dreams with family and friends. The parents make a commitment to the child and their community of family and friends to lovingly care for and nurture their young son or daughter. Many churches present parents a baby dedication certificate following the ceremony. However, families who don't attend church or who elect to conduct a non-religious ceremony can create their own baby dedication certificate to commemorate the event.

Step 1

Determine who will be the celebrant for your baby dedication service. This person may be a minister, elder family member, special friend or you may elect to conduct the service with no official celebrant other than you as parents. Include a space for your celebrant to sign your baby dedication certificate.

Step 2

Begin your certificate with your names as the parents followed by the name of the baby. Suggested wording can include, "We, (your names), as loving parents of (your baby's name) dedicate ourselves to create a healthy and positive home for this child. We dedicate her before these family members and friends."

Step 3

Create the vows you will use in the baby dedication service. Your vows include the promise you make to your child as a parent and the vows you make to witnesses as a member of the community. A Christian ceremony includes a pledge to raise the child up in the faith and an acknowledgment that the child is a gift from God. Non-religious dedications introduce the child to the world and acknowledge the unique gifts and value each person brings to life. Options for both kinds of service are included in the references section of this article.

Step 4

Choose and confirm the involvement of any godparents or other supporting family or friends. These individuals serve as witnesses on your certificate. Your certificate could include promises the godparents make to the child.

Step 5

End the certificate with the date and places for the witnesses and any celebrant to sign. Include your own signatures as official recognition of the pledge you made.

Step 6

Print the certificate on certificate paper or other official document paper. Leave space for a seal if you wish or decorate the bottom of the certificate with your baby's footprints or handprints.