How to Make a Husband a Maid

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Taking on all the household chores can be a daunting task. Cooking, cleaning and taking care of children can take up your whole day and leave little time for the things you love to do. Rather than nagging your husband to help around the house, encourage him to clean up and take on some chores. A simple reward system or kind words just might do the trick.

Develop a chore list for your husband. Talk about cleanliness and agree on a chore list. Divide up the chore list evenly so you both have items to accomplish. If there are chores neither of you like to do, compromise and switch off every other week.

Set a time for cleaning. You can choose weekend mornings, evenings after work or whatever times works with your schedules. Asking him to clean in the middle of watching sports or other favored activities may not go over well. Agree on a time together so you both know not to schedule other activities during cleaning time.

Create a reward system. In the beginning, your husband may need a little extra encouragement if he is not used to cleaning. Decide on rewards together. Every week he successfully completes his chore list, give him rewards, such as cooking his favorite meal, a night out with the boys or a romantic evening at home.

Say thanks and praise his efforts. Everybody likes to know they are appreciated. When your husband sees how happy you are when he cleans, he will be more likely to chip in around the house when needed.