How to Make Flour Stick to Chicken Wings

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Chicken wings are a popular favorite for tailgate parties and pub snacking. A light coating of flour seals in the juices and helps absorb the wing sauce. But you can't get the sauce to stick to the flour if you can't get the flour to stick to the chicken wings first.

Step 1

Pat all sides of the chicken wings with paper towels until the skin is totally dry. While moisture will soak up flour at first, the coating will immediately fall off the wings when they are placed in the oil.

Step 2

Add flour mixed with your choice of spices to a plate or shallow bowl.

Step 3

Roll the chicken wings in the flour mixture one at a time. Use your hands to pat flour into all the crevices. If you're cooking whole wings, straighten the V-shaped fold where the two sections meet and pat the flour into the joint. The chicken wings are now ready to fry and toss in a hot sauce, like Buffalo wings, after frying.