Do You Let Brownies Cool Before Serving?

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Cakey, chewy, fudgy, fruity, nutty, minty or swirly -- but always very, very chocolatey -- a brownie can be a spectacular dessert showpiece or a humble slice of heaven. If you're whipping up your own and the house is full of brownie smells, don't worry: depending on your plans for the treat, you don't need to wait to dig in.

Cooler Means Cleaner-Lined Cuts

Be aware that your brownies will not cut cleanly until they are uniformly cool from surface to heart. This usually takes between three and four hours at room temperature.

Cool Brownies are Frostable

You can't frost your brownies if you don't cool them first, as the frosting will melt on the warm surface and slide right off. If frosting is an integral part of your plan, cool the brownies for an hour or so in the freezer or refrigerator first.

That Aside, It's Technically Unnecessary

A rustic chunk of plain, warm brownie and a cool glass of milk may be just what you need. If you don't mind messy edges -- and you're not planning to add frosting -- then it's not absolutely necessary to let your brownies cool.