Kids Carnival Game Ideas for a Luau

Carnival games are a fun way to entertain a group of kids at your luau. According to the Amazing Moms website, the right games and activities will make your luau a memorable event. Many of these carnival games are inexpensive to set up. However, many carnival game booths require lots of people to operate. Kids may want to play the games over and over again. To avoid running out of prizes, give each child a few raffle tickets. This way you can allow children to play as many times as they’d like, and only give them a prize if they use one of their raffle tickets when they win.

Netting Seashells

The Amazing Moms website recommends the Bobbing for Sea Shells carnival game for your Luau. To play this game you need a plastic tub filled with water and a lot of floating plastic shells, starfish and fish. The plastic floating toys are all labeled with the number 1, 2, or 3. Prize bags filled with inexpensive treats and small toys are also labeled with numbers. Children try to pick the numbered toys up out of the tub with a small net and win the corresponding prize bag.

Fishing Booth

A traditional carnival fishing booth involves a large screen with adults hiding behind it. The children fish by casting the string of their fishing poles over the top of the screen. The person hiding behind the screen attaches a prize to the child’s string. To put a luau spin on this traditional carnival game, decorate the screen with pictures of tropical fish, and make the prizes luau-related.

Tiki Mask Face Painting

Face painting is a popular activity at carnivals. For a luau, try painting the kids’ faces like tiki masks. Add bright green, red and yellow stripes to their faces, and circle their eyes in bright colors.

Volcano Prize Grab

Create a volcano out of papier mache and fill it with red slime. Set a timer, and have children find a prize in the volcano before time runs out.

Feed the Pig

Paint a pig on a big cardboard box. Cut a hole for the pig’s mouth, and have the children toss beanbags into it. Give the children prizes for getting the beanbags into the hole.

Hot Coconut

According to the Amazing Moms site, the Hot Coconut game is like Hot Potato with a luau twist. A group of children stand in a circle and pass a coconut around while music plays in the background. When the music stops, the child holding the coconut is “out.” The children who are out can take turns controlling the music. The game is over when there is one player left.