Instructions for Setting Up an EZ-Up Tent

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EZ-Up tents are quickly assembled shelters that are portable and easy to set up. Whether you are setting up a booth for a corporate event, having a family picnic or setting up tables for sporting events, the EZ-Up tent can provide the shelter you need to make your outing a success. Two people can set up the tent without requiring any tools.

Place the frame upright in the set up area.

Grasp two outer legs on one side of the frame as your partner grasps the two opposite legs.

Lift the frame slightly off the ground and walk backwards. Open the frame to 3/4 of the extended size.

Place the fabric top over the frame.

Match the Velcro strips on the top with the strips on the frame. Pull corners down completely. Press the Velcro strips together firmly.

Align grommet holes on the canopy with the bolts located on the frame.

Remove the top attachment nuts from their bolts. Place grommets over the bolts. Replace and tighten the nuts securely.

Take hold of the diamond shaped trusses on opposite sides of the frame.

Lift the structure from the ground. Walk backwards until the structure is completely opened.

Push the auto slider on the leg upwards as you hold the top of the leg down to engage the pin into the hole. Repeat at each corner of the structure. Pull the top down over the corner.

Twist the center peak pole clockwise to reduce the fabric tension. Twist the center peak pole counterclockwise to increase the fabric tension. Do not turn more than three turns.

Lift two outer legs up about 1 inch. Slide the inner leg down until the it snaps in position. Repeat with the other two legs, doing two legs at a time.