Ingredients in Becherovka

karlovy vary's view from a mountain. image by Solodovnikova Elena from

Becherovka is a traditional Czech liquor, created by Josef Vitus Becher in 1805. Its distinctive taste is the result of the local ingredients Becher used in its creation – from the famed natural spring water in his hometown to the spices he sold in his colonial goods shop.

Mineral Water

The water used to make Becherovka always comes from Karlovy Vary, Becher’s hometown and the Czech Republic’s most famous spa destination. The high mineral content of Karlovy Vary water is said to have unique healing properties, particularly for digestive ailments.

Herbs and Spices

Like most blends of herbs and spices used in popular products, the ingredients in Becherovka’s mix are a well-guarded secret. According to the company’s website, only two employees, the production manager and director of strategy and product development, are privy to the secret recipe. The company does reveal that the mystery herb-spice blend is macerated in a concentrated alcohol, which is then added to other ingredients to create the final product.

Other Ingredients

The only other ingredients in Becherovka are alcohol and natural sugar. In addition to owning a shop, Josef Becher also made his own hard alcohol with a stillhouse he rented in town. Becherovka was developed using Becher’s alcohol and a recipe of herbs and spices provided by an English physician, Dr. Frobrig. As for sugar, Becherovka contains real table sugar rather than artificial sweeteners to ensure a 100 percent natural product, according to the company’s website.