How Is Dasani Water Purified?

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Dasani water is made by the Coca-Cola bottling company. The steps used to purify its bottled water are the same used to purify the water used in its world-renowned cola drink and other popular Coca-Cola products.

Water Sources

Coca-Cola's Dasani water is obtained from local water municipalities. According to the company, all water from all municipalities undergo rigorous testing to ensure consistency in flavor, quality and mineral content across all their manufacturing and bottling plants worldwide. All bottled water in the United States must be processed in accordance with Federal and State laws regardless of the brand.

Water Treatment

Treatment of the water varies on the initial testing of the water samples. Depending on the quality of the water samples, the company uses a variety of procedures to rid the water of pathogens, bacteria and excessive mineral content. The most common procedures include distillation and ultraviolet treatment. Carbon filtering is an additional step that is taken if the water source has excessive taste of chlorine or a strong odor.

Purification Method

All Dasani water goes through a process of reverse osmosis to remove large particulates and minerals from the water. Reverse osmosis is also used to make sea water potable by removing salt from the water.

Mineralization and Dissinfection

Drinking water must contain minerals in order to be fit for consumption. At this stage of the process the right amount of minerals are added to the water in a formula containing magnesium sulfate, salt and potassium chloride. The water goes through a final process in an ozone chamber where tiny microbes are killed through the use of ultraviolet light and the water is disinfected and made ready for bottling. This process also serves to eliminate noticeable odors.