Ingredients for Simple Vanilla Icing Recipe


0:01 My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I am going to show you some

0:05 really quick and easy icing recipes and how to decorate holiday cookies. Okay for our

0:10 simple icing, we are just going to need two cups of powder sugar, one-half teaspoon of

0:19 vanilla (really small amount), two tablespoons of regular milk and I've also got as an optional

0:30 ingredient to make chocolate icing I've got one teaspoon of cocoa powder. I also right

0:40 here have a small bowl to make everything in and to stir everything up, let's get started

0:47 shall we. Okay this recipe is really really simple. All you do is take your vanilla, put

0:57 it in the bottom of your bowl, take your milk and put that with your vanilla and then we

1:07 are going to stir. Then you just add your powder sugar in. I wouldn't do it all at once

1:15 because different powder sugars have different thickening capabilities so I would add about

1:23 half in at first, knock all the lumps out. This is the kind of icing that you would use

1:32 to drizzle over the cookies or also the kind of icing that you would see on a lot of cakes

1:38 do this but you can also do on cookies. And you can adjust the thickness of this icing

1:44 by either adding more powder sugar or more milk and right now you can almost see it is

1:54 like cinnamon roll icing at this point, so add a little bit more. Actually, let's go

1:58 ahead and add the rest of it. I am pretty sure I am going to need all of this to reach

2:02 the consistency that I want to reach and if I make a mistake, I can always just go through

2:09 and add a splash of milk to it and straighten it out. This icing is really good if you,

2:16 as funny as it sounds, watching what you eat because there is no shortening in this icing.

2:21 Basically you are just eating sugar, milk and vanilla. Some other frostings out there

2:28 which I will show you in a little bit contain shortening or butter in them and those would

2:33 be marketably more fattening.