Income Guidelines in Minnesota for Food Stamps

by Sarah Frobisher

Minnesota Food Support--previously known as Food Stamps--is one of multiple food support programs available to individuals and families living in Minnesota. Other available programs are Expedited Food Support (for emergency need) and Minnesota Food Assistance (for previously eligible non-citizens who have been deemed ineligible for assistance through federally funded programs). Families that would like to apply for a Food Support program should contact the Department of Health Services in their county.


Persons or families applying for Food Support must have assets not totaling more than $7,000. This includes checking and saving accounts, cash and vehicles. Owning a home is not considered an asset for Food Support purposes. To meet this criterion the person or family must also have the Domestic Violence Information Brochure.


Family monthly income must be below the following amounts:

Family of 1: $1,174 Family of 2: $1,579 Family of 3: $1,984 Family of 4: $2,389 Family of 5: $2,794

Other Eligibility Requirements

According to Minnesota Department of Human Services, to be eligible for Food Support an applicant must also apply for work if requested, provide Social Security numbers for all persons in home applying for benefits, be a citizen of the U.S. or eligible non-citizen and not take part in the Tribal Food Distribution Program in the same month.

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