Ideas for a Sportsman's Banquet

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A popular activity for sportsmen clubs are banquets thrown for fund raising, holiday celebrations, or simply as a chance to have members get together. If you are a hunter or fisherman who is a member of a sportsmen club and your club has an upcoming event like a banquet, learning a few ideas for the occasion can help make it a success.

Video and TV Events

Set up televisions at the event and broadcast a popular hunting of fishing show for attendees to enjoy. You can also broadcast highlight reels of club members out on their adventures and have members submit their home videos prior to the banquet to be added to the reel.


Check around with local hunting and fishing equipment stores to see if they would be interested in sponsoring or donating to your banquet. This provides an opportunity for them to get advertising and new business, along with helping you throw the banquet. One idea is to ask for donations of equipment like hunting gear, fishing gear or gift certificates, which you can then auction off or have as door prizes for banquet attendees.

Sportsmen-Themed Decor

Decorate your banquet with an outdoor-inspired sportsmen theme. For example, you could create centerpieces like plastic mallards, deer figurines or other popular hunting icons. You could bring in small trees and shrubs to give a look of the outdoors. Set up displays of different kinds of hunting gear such as new models of rifles or fishing poles.

Wild Game Potluck-Style

Have the members of the club bring in their own food and do a potluck-style event. Depending on what hunting season it is, for example deer hunting season, you can ask attendees to showcase their special recipes for their venison and serve them up at the event. If it's fishing season, members can bring in their catch and show off their favorite fish recipes.