How to Write a Wedding Proposal

by Margo Dewey

A wedding proposal is the first memory a couple will treasure as they begin their lives together. Getting down on one knee is traditional, but the words you use to propose are the keys to capturing the heart. Being honest and sharing your true feelings are the first steps to writing a successful wedding proposal.

Go Back In Time

Start a wedding proposal by recalling a few special moments of a first date. Write down details about how nervous you were sitting across from each other in a restaurant, and you didn’t know spaghetti sauce was dripping down your shirt. Bring up specifics about a concert or movie you watched together. “Remember how we dressed up in costumes to go see Star Wars?” Keep to the details of a memory and that will show your beloved how much you care.

Can’t Live Without You

Make the love of your life feel special by giving reasons why you can’t live without that person. Describe how your beloved completes you every day. “You know how to make me laugh when I need it the most.” If you were ever sick, and she took care of you, tell her it’s your turn to take care of her forever. Your business or work is really successful because she motivated you and believed in you. Let her know that your life will be meaningless without her.

Romanticize The Future Together

Imagine what the future will look like together. Start visualizing what the two of you will be doing in five years, and describe these dreams. “We are going to build our own home and have lots of children running around.” Describe all the places you want to visit like Hawaii or Europe. If you always wanted to own your own business, let her know you can’t create it without her. Growing old together would be the greatest gift you want to give the love of your life.

Do Some Research

Ask family and friends how they proposed to get more ideas. Some of the best proposal stories have yet to be shared from your parents or even co-workers. Your best friend may have written a poem when he proposed that would spark an idea for you to write one. Your dad may reveal that he wrote his marriage proposal on a handkerchief that your mom gave him on their first date. There is no one way to write a marriage proposal because it all comes from the heart.

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