How to Write a Muslim Marriage Contract

A Muslim contract is made when a couple decides to get married. The male will have to prove that he can afford to support his future wife in order for the marriage to be approved by the parents of the bride. The contract is called a mikkah, which is a legal binding contract proving that the Muslim couple agreed to marry each other. It also states who married them, what witnesses were present and what the prenuptial agreements are. In the Muslim culture there must be at least two witnesses present at every marriage ceremony. To Muslims, marriage is considered a covenant between the two people.

List the bride and groom. The full name of the bride and groom will need to be on the first page at the beginning of the contract. The date and place of where each one was born is stated next to their names.

Enter the name and address of the mosque the couple was married in. If the couple was not married at a mosque, write the name and address of the marriage location.

Place the name of the imam underneath the address of the place where the couple was married. The imam is the person who marries Muslim, couples just like Christians are married by priests or pastors. The date of the marriage will also need to be written.

Write the agreement that the groom makes with his bride. For example, he will need to agree that he will never leave her for more than 60 days at a time unless she agrees for such reasons as work or family. He must provide for her and never hide money from her. The groom must agree to never abuse his wife emotionally or physically, and he is forbidden from transmitting disease to her. If any of these occurred it would break the agreement on the marriage contract. The groom must sign the contract.

Write up the payment that was offered from the groom to the bride. The Muslim man is required to offer the bride money, property and/or gold as proof that he will be able to take of her. This is called a mahr. If there is an agreement regarding a deferment, then a percentage is given at marriage and the rest will need to be specified by a definite date. This must be stated in the contract as well. In case of a divorce, then the money, property and/or gold will have to be returned by the wife if the divorce was not the fault of the man. If the divorce was initiated by the man, then nothing is returned to the husband and he is responsible for completing the payment by the agreed due date if deferred.

Go to the second page. This should name the two witnesses present at the wedding (such as the best man and maid of honor). Their name, date and place of birth must be included. The contract must include the relationship of the witnesses to the bride and groom. The witnesses must sign below the information and date. The imam must sign at the end of the contract as well as the bride and groom.