How to Wear Navy Medals Correctly

Wearing navy medals properly and correctly is essential in showing professionalism and patriotism. Navy medals should be displayed proudly. This step by step instruction will demonstrate how to wear your navy medals correctly.

Inspect the medals to be sure there are no discrepancies or fraying that would present in an unsightly manner. Assuring the medals are in pristine condition is crucial in displaying your sense of professionalism and patriotism.

Mount your awards onto your uniform and in the order of precedence and in the manner described in the U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations booklet. Wearing your medals in the correct way is essential in displaying your medals properly.

Be sure to measure accurately the placement of the medals with a measuring device such as a ruler. Do not eyeball the measurement as you do not want to be the odd man out with inaccurate measurements of your medal mounts.

Do a final check after they are mounted on the uniform to be sure none of the back pins are visible nor the medal is hanging away from the uniform.

Wear your navy medals with pride and honor. Always keep checking to make sure your medals are not hanging, missing, or frayed.