How to Use Stone Bakeware

How to Use Stone Bakeware. Cooking with stone is one of the oldest ways to cook food. Now we use modern stone bakeware instead of the rocks the ancient Egyptians used, but it's the same concept. Baking stones and stone bakeware are durable, but require a certain amount of care to keep them in good condition.

Avoid thermal shock when using a baking stone or any other type of stone bakeware. Any extreme temperature change may cause your stone to break, such as placing frozen food on a hot stone, placing a hot stone in cold water or placing stone bakeware over an open flame.

Season your stoneware with cooking oil before using it to make it non-stick. A little cornmeal sprinkled on your bread or pizza stone will make it easier to slide them off. Just like cast iron, the more you use your stone, the better the seasoning will be.

Distinguish between terra cotta cookware and stone bakeware. Terra cotta cookware must be soaked before using, but stone bakeware doesn't.

Preheat your stoneware, if possible. Place the stone in the oven so they can preheat together, and then place your bread or pizza on the hot stone to cook. Remember not to put frozen items on the preheated stone, or it may break.

Use the stone as a serving platter. Food you've cooked on the stone will stay warm longer if served on the cooking stone. You can also cut food on the stone without danger of damaging it.

Clean your stone bakeware by scraping off excess food with a plastic food scraper or plastic spatula after it has cooled. Run it under hot water to loosen the cooked on food as you scrub it with a dish brush but avoid using dish soap. Plain water is all you should ever use to clean your stone.

Allow your stone baking ware to air dry and store it in your oven or on a shelf.