How to Use Curling Irons

This article is for those who are interested in learning how to curl their hair with a curling iron. Using a curling iron is best for those who want to freshen or change their look with soft, tight, or loose curls to frame their face.

How to use a curling iron.

Curling irons come in different widths and type of material. For example, there are 1 inch barrels or 1.5 inch barrels. The wider the width, the loser your curls will be. There are also ceramic curling irons or regular metal curling irons; ceramic curling irons are a bit more expensive, but supposedly they are better for your hair. Therefore, depending on these circumstances, choose the right curling iron that suits your taste.

After you have selected your curling iron, make sure you work with hair that is relatively straight and dry. Also, make sure to have your hair spray or mousse available on hand. Mousse is best when your hair is damp, but hair spray is also good to set your curls at the end.

After you have turned your curling iron on and let it sit for a few minutes until it is hot, take the curler in one hand, and a piece of hair on the other and start from the front part of your head and start taking small sections of your hair (about a half inch to an inch width) and take your curling iron and curl from the bottom of the strand of hair to where your hair ends to your scalp. Another technique is to take your strand of hair and wrap it around the curling iron from the bottom to the top, instead of using the clasp of the curling iron to create a wavier look than a curlier look.

Also, please be careful when you are curling, you do not want it to accidently brush against your face or neck, it will leave a burned mark!

After you have slowly taken section by section to curl your hair, you can either loosen your curls with your fingers if you feel the culrs are too tight, or you can choose to flip your head down and start spraying in moderation to set your curls.