How to Use a Back to Basics Apple Peeler

by Lauren Wise ; Updated September 28, 2017

A back-to-basics apple peeler is an easy and convenient way to quickly peel apples, whether a large or small amount of them. It is simple to set up and provides you with a separate pile of apple peels and peeled apples. It also slices the apples in 1/4-inch slices and separates the core.

Place the apple peeler onto a flat, clean surface. Press down hard, and the suction base will instantly anchor itself to the surface.

Insert an apple onto the end of the long rod that protrudes from the apple peeler. Insert the rod into the bottom of the apple, into the core, until it is securely on the peeler.

Place the sharp peeler close to the side of the apple. Next, place the slicer blade underneath the apple so it is touching the apple. Begin to turn the handle slowly, watching as the apple rotates. Once the peeler hits the apple's skin, it will remove the peel in long, thin strips, leaving only the pure apple flesh underneath it. At the same time, the peeled apple will be sliced by the slicer blade underneath, creating 1/4-inch slices of apple.

Set aside the peeled strips in a bowl, if you decide to use them. Set the apple slices in another bowl.

Grip the core on the back-to-basics apple peeler and pull it off forward to discard.


  • The peeler can also be used for pears and potatoes.

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