How to Tie a Loofah

by Kyra Sheahan

The inside of the loofah plant has a spongy texture.

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Loofahs are plants that grow in the tropics and are used as bath sponges due to their porous qualities. When the plant, or fruit, is dried out, it can act as a sponge that exfoliates the skin and absorbs water--making it a desirable bath-time accompaniment. If a loofah becomes unraveled or torn and purchasing or growing a new one isn't an option, you can tie it back together at home with ease.

Items you will need

  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing thread
  • Scissors
Step 1

Thread a sewing needle with sewing thread. Tie a knot around the eye opening of the needle so that the thread stays in place. Don't cut the end of the thread yet because you don't know how much of it you will need to use to tie the loofah back together.

Step 2

Fit the loofah back together where it came apart by holding the two pieces with your hands. Grasp the loofah, keeping it connected, with your less dominant hand. Hold the needle with thread in your dominant hand.

Step 3

Sew the loofah back together using a straight stitch. Thread the needle up and down the edge of the loofah or anyplace where the loofah became unraveled. Sewing the loofah ensures that the pieces stay secured so that the loofah is once again functional.

Step 4

Make a final knot when you're done sewing the torn pieces. Trim the excess thread with scissors.


  • For maximum health benefits, change your loofah frequently. Loofahs, like sponges, can get a buildup of bacteria after using it for too long.

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