How to Throw a Seafood Feast to Welcome Summer


Bring the feel and flavors of the ocean into your home this summer with a refreshing seafood feast. Nothing can compare to salty sea air and big rolling waves, but with a flavorful catch-of-the-day menu, you can come close. Pull out the plastic bibs, slice up some lemon and get ready to dive in! From coconut shrimp to lobster tails, bacon-cheddar biscuits and compound butter, these tasty recipes work whether they're packed into a cozy picnic for a coastal-inspired lunch, or served as a multiple-course maritime dinner. Cast a line for these nautical recipes, and you'll be as happy as a clam.

Begin With Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters

Whether you plan to start your party at noon or at five, these bloody Mary oyster shooters are sure to get everyone in the mood to set sail. Serve them in shot glasses alongside your appetizers while your partygoers stand and mingle, or keep it casual small mason jars to lighten the mood. Either way, throw these shooters down the hatch!

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Snack on Coconut Shrimp Starters

Nothing dresses up an appetizer course list like shrimp cocktails, but for a fun and funky twist on a classic, try this recipe for crispy coconut shrimp. Consider serving them with a selection of dipping sauces such as sweet Thai chili sauce, spicy peanut sauce or even a fresh pineapple salsa. The combinations are endless!

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Cook Your Salmon Skin On

When you're grilling on your yacht, or at least want to feel like you are, this salmon recipe is an excellent choice. Salmon with the skin on holds up well on a barbecue, but more importantly, it enhances the flavor and helps keep the fish moist. The smoky flavor will have your guests clamoring for seconds.

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Indulge With Oven-Baked Lobster Tails

What is a seafood feast without lobster? These oven-baked lobster tails are sumptuous on the plate, and scrumptious on the palate. If you have tiny lobster forks for eating delicately, go ahead and use them. But if not, be ready with the napkins because you'll want to dig right in.

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Add Pizazz With Pistachio-Crusted Salmon

When it is described as "pistachio-crusted," salmon sounds so opulent. This pistachio-crusted salmon recipe not only brings a lovely nutty flavor and crunchy texture to an already awesome fish, but the topping sounds really impressive when answering the question, "What's on the menu?"

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Go Over the Moon for Steamed Lobster Tails

While the tide goes in and out, serving these lobster tails will never leave you high and dry. Steaming these crustaceans brings out their ruby red shells, making them as delightful to look at as to eat. Serve as a main course with fresh lemon wedges and a pinch of dill to embrace the bright colors and flavors of summer.

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Perfect Your Plate With Salmon Steaks

For the appearance of lavishness, but without the headache, this oven-baked salmon is the ideal hands-off recipe that will dress up dinner without taking hours to prepare. The outside is perfectly golden and crispy, and the inside is flaky and moist. Make ahead for salmon sandwiches, or serve straight from the oven with a tasty side.

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Offer a Better Butter

Sure, fish and seafood are fantastic served with a regular old butter, but you can take yours to the next level with this compound butter recipe. A simple fish filet becomes unique when served with, say, nori soy-sauce butter, or sea salt and herb garlic butter. This is an added detail that will make your meal unforgettable.

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Serve a Superior Potato

When seafood is the star of the show, finding a side that tastes great, but doesn't conflict with the entree's subtle aquatic flavors is easier said than done. Let a baked potato be the answer. Throw a few into the oven, dress them with some compound butter or a pinch of sea salt and pepper, and you've got a side that doesn't feel tacked on.

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Drool Over Bacon Cheddar Biscuits

Regular bread is so boring, especially compared to these bacon cheddar biscuits. Serve these biscuits to really add something extraordinary to your table. Consider making a double batch to accompany your seafood feast, because no one will be satisfied with just one!

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