How to Cook Fully Frozen, Whole Lobster in the Microwave

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Whether you’ve enjoyed lobster for years, or you're trying it for the first time, cooking a fully frozen, whole lobster in a microwave can be a daunting experience. Today, technological advances in freezing methods ensure that lobsters are delivered to your grocery store with the highest quality and flavor. Maintaining that quality with microwave cooking depends upon preparation and timing. Fully frozen, whole lobsters come raw or precooked. Either way, thawing your lobster correctly preserves freshness. Additionally, knowing how long to cook a raw or pre-cooked lobster in a microwave could mean the difference between a tender lobster or a lobster that's overdone.

Step 1

Place fully frozen, raw or pre-cooked whole lobster on a tray, and cover lightly with plastic wrap unless the lobster is pre-packaged. Place the tray in the refrigerator and thaw for 2 hours per pound. Pre-packaged, whole lobster in brine should be thawed for at least 3 to 5 hours in the refrigerator.

Step 2

Remove the lobster from the packaging and discard any water; rinse the lobster in cold water. Hold the lobster's body with one hand and twist the claws off with your other hand to separate. Twist and pull the tail from the body.

Step 3

Use 100 percent power on the microwave oven. Cook raw lobster for 3 to 5 minutes per pound; pre-cooked lobster requires less time, about 1 to 2 minutes. Turn the dish around halfway through the cooking time if the microwave oven is not equipped with a carousel.

Step 4

Avoid overcooking the lobster by using the minimum amount of time. Fully cooked lobster is bright red and the legs pull away easily from the body; meat is opaque and a thermometer inserted should register 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the lobster from the microwave and serve with melted butter or garlic butter and lemon.