How to Eat Stone Crab

by Jasmine Haryana

Native to the Atlantic Ocean, stone crabs have become a sought-after delicacy to foodies on the Eastern seaboard and in South America. Stone crabs can be harvested alive and released after claw removal because of their regenerative abilities. Accessing the meat in cooked stone crab claws requires a little effort and a few easily followed steps.

Eat Stone Crab

Step 1

Allow boiled crab claw to cool before handling.

Step 2

Crack the stone crab claw shell. Hold the crab claw in one hand and strike the broadest part of the shell three times with a hammer held in the other hand..

Step 3

Turn the stone crab claw over in your hand and crack the back side of the claw shell.

Step 4

Remove the outer shell from the stone crab claw. Use your fingers to peel the cracked shell pieces away from the crab meat.

Step 5

Hold the crab claw meat by the pincer end and dip the meaty end in melted butter, lemon juice or spicy mustard.

Step 6

Eat the crab meat. Pull the meat from the softest end of the claw with a cocktail fork when dining formally or bite down to the cartilage, pulling crab meat into your mouth with your teeth for casual dining.

Items you will need

  • Stone crab claws
  • Kitchen hammer
  • Cocktail fork
  • Melted butter
  • Lemon juice
  • Spicy mustard


  • Never eat uncooked stone crabs. Never eat stone crabs smell bad.

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