How to Tell If your Co-worker likes you

Do you ever wonder if your extra friendly co-worker has the hots for you? Maybe you have the hots for your co-worker but you don't know if he/she feels the same. This article will give you some signs to help you figure out if your co-workers friendly gestures are just friendly gestures or if they are something more.

Not everyone is the same. How your co-worker acts toward you may differ from person to person depending on there personality. One way you can tell if your co-worker likes you is by the way they look at you. Some people are shy and avoid eye contact often when you are speaking directly to them. Others may look straight into your eyes or even stare. Usually, its not a blank stare. If he wants to do more than hang out with you, chances are you may catch him looking elsewhere on your body!

Now, when it comes to the stare I've noticed a certain stare from men. If you guys are not acquainted you may not get or notice this stare but if you guys are friends that joke around or even flirt, The stare kind of says " I want you" Or I will do you If I had the chance" Or I am undressing you with my eyes!" This may make you uncomfortableif you catch them staring in this way.

Some guys don't really care and will openly try to pursue you. Letting pretty much the entire company know he likes you. This may make you uncomfortable as well. Especially if you don't like him back.

He may come by your office often or everyday! Maybe never came by your office but all of a sudden he does. Its especially noticeable if he has no reason to come to your office. For example, if you work on different floors, or in different departments.

He may ask you to lunch. Most likely more than once. If he really likes you he may pay for it. This may be the time he begins to get to know you. If he asks you if your married or have a boyfriend, he might be trying to make sure you are not attached to anybody. I doubt that a potential employer or business partner would ask you that unless you had already begun a conversation about family or your personal life.

Look at his body language. The body and the eyes never lie. Do you notice that his face lights up every time he sees you? When he's speaking to you is he looking at you and not looking around? Is his body facing you and not in the other direction? Does he stand closer to you then everyone else? Does he ask for your advice or opinion before others? Does he often compliment you on your work or appearance? Does he try to sit next to you or close to you at lunch or company get together? All of these are signs that your coworker may like you.