How to Take the Burnt Taste Out of Food

Icon of the Virgin Mary on burnt toast

Jeffrey Hamilton/Lifesize/Getty Images

Whether you're new to preparing your own food or you're trying to adapt to using a new stove or appliance, burning your food happens from time to time. Fortunately, depending on the food and extent of the burning, you can remove the burnt flavor from the food. From burnt toast and scorched pizza to crispy pie crusts and blackened brownies, repairing the affects of your cooking crises doesn't have to be difficult.

Burnt Toast

Grasp the toast by holding the outer edges of the toast with your fingertips.

Point the butter knife blade away from you and scrape the surface of the toast gently in outward sweeps. Do this over the garbage can as the black bits will need a place to land.

Spread a dollop of butter on the freshly scraped toast after the black has been removed.

Scorched Potatoes

Remove the scorched mashed potatoes off of heat immediately.

Tip the pan upside down over a glass bowl. Do not attempt to stir or scrape the mashed potatoes from the bottom. The good potatoes should slide ride out of the pan, leaving the scorched part behind.

Skim the top layer of the potatoes in the bowl off with a spoon if any scorched pieces are still visible.

Cover the potatoes in the bowl with a dollop of butter for taste.

Discard of the scorched remains in the pan.