How to Stretch Georgia Leather Work Boots

by Brenda Priddy ; Updated September 28, 2017

Georgia leather boots are thick, sturdy work boots that are used for hiking, camping and working in dangerous environments. They are made of genuine leather, which shrinks under certain circumstances, such as when they are exposed to water. If the boots are stiff and a little too small when you first purchase them, or if you accidentally shrink them with improper care, you do not have to replace them. You can stretch them back to the proper size.

Spray Stretch Method

Spray the inside of the shoes with shoe stretching spray.

Place a wooden shoe stretcher the same size as the shoe inside the shoe. Gently turn the screw on the shoe stretcher to gently stretch the shoe.

Allow the shoe to sit overnight with the shoe stretcher inside the shoe.

Heat Stretch Method

Put on thick socks. Put on the boots.

Blow the leather gently with the warm setting on the hair dryer. Position the dryer nozzle about 6 inches away from the boots to prevent the leather from drying out and cracking. Keep the heat on the boots for about two minutes until the leather becomes warm to the touch.

Wear the boots until they cool back down.

Condition the boots with a leather conditioning cream to repair any heat damage.


  • Store newspapers inside the boots when not in use to keep them soft and supple, which will help stretch them out as you wear them.

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