How to Shape Men's Eyebrows

How to Shape Men's Eyebrows. Men are spending more and more time refining their grooming habits, and learning how to properly shape eyebrows has become a necessary skill. Whether you're looking to control those few wild hairs that become more common as you grow older, or just finally do something about your unibrow, you can easily shape your eyebrows for a cleaner, more uniform look.

Examine your eyebrows and decide how you want to improve their appearance. Ask yourself whether you are just looking to shorten a few stray hairs, or if you are looking for a major overhaul for your somewhat prehistoric brow line. The amount of eyebrow hair you want to remove will determine your tools and methods.

Wash your eyebrows with a gentle soap and warm water before you start to tweeze, pluck or trim your eyebrows. This will help to open up hair follicles and soften the hair for easier removal. A dab of hair conditioner might come in handy when softening men's coarse or unruly eyebrow hair.

Use of pair of scissors or even a small electric trimmer to cut and shape longer renegade hairs. Remember that when you cut or trim men's eyebrows, the hair will eventually grow back to its original length, if not longer. Use a lighted mirror with magnification for the most accuracy.

Purchase an eyebrow template, are available at most beauty supply or drugstores, if you wish to shape your eyebrows by plucking them. When plucking, you should always work from the bottom of the brow up. Eyebrow templates can also be used if you are waxing or shaving the edge of your brows with a razor.

Buy a brow-waxing kit at a drugstore or variety store. Smooth warm wax on the areas under and between your brows, press a cloth strip into the wax and remove it with a quick rip, taking the hairs with it.

Shape men's eyebrows by using old-fashioned shaving methods, such as a razor and shaving cream. While the margin of error may be greater with such blunt instruments, the hair will quickly grow back in a few days if you make a noticeable blunder. Avoid dealing with a unibrow with a single swipe of a razor, however, since the gap between your two eyebrows will probably be too wide afterward.

Apply some aloe vera or vitamin E lotion to your eyebrows after you have shaped them. This will reduce the chances of skin irritations or ingrown hairs.