How to Sew on Girl Guides' Patches

How to Sew on Girl Guides' Patches. As part of the international scouting movement, girl guides programs throughout the world reward accomplishment through patches. An important part of the scouting experience, the attainment of these patches helps motivate young girls throughout the world to learn about the world around them. Once they have been awarded, it's important to put them on display as part of the girl guides' uniform.

Display Patches On a Vest

Lay your vest or sash flat on a table next to the badges to be sewn on.

Determine the correct layout for your badges and pin them in place. Use straight pins or safety pins if you plan on sewing them on by hand.

Thread a hand needle with thread to match the color of the border of the patch you wish to sew on.

Insert your needle into the back of the patch to conceal the knot at the end of the thread.

Take your first stitch over the border of the patch and into the fabric of the vest, drawing the needle up through the patch on the opposite side.

Sew in looping stitches across the border of the girl guides' badge until you have fully attached it to the vest.

Conceal your knot as you tie off your thread by pulling your needle through to the inside of the vest.

Display Patches on a Sash

Attach the invisible zipper foot to your sewing machine. This foot will allow you to stitch close to the edge of the border of girl guides' patches and badges.

Select a thread that matches the color of the patch. Invisible nylon thread is also a good option when attaching patches with your sewing machine.

Insert a bobbin of thread matching the color of your sash. Typically, this will require blue, brown or green thread.

Insert your machine needle through the patch you wish to sew and take a few stitches before backstitching to lock in the stitch.

Sew around the patch, shadowing the border to create an almost invisible seam.

Cut off the top thread and pull it to the back of your sash to tie off or take a backstitch to secure the stitching before removing the sash from your sewing machine.