How to Send Wine to France

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While France is renowned for its flourishing wine culture, some folks may want to send a case of Napa Valley's best over for critical comparison. Others may be visiting France and want to ship a case in advance so they'll be able to enjoy their favorite vino while perusing the Parisian boulevards. Whatever your reasons for shipping wine internationally, there are several important steps that must be taken on behalf of the sender and the receiver. Abide by them and you'll savor the fruits of your labor.


Decide which parcel carrier you will use. If it is a personal shipment (small quantity sent to yourself, a family member or friend), look into FedEx. If it is a business shipment (cases sent from one licensed winery to another), UPS is a good option.

Read the wine and alcohol shipping policies of the parcel service you have chosen. The information might help you with any problems or questions you have about your shipment. Links can be found in the "'Resources" section below.

Take your wine to the parcel service location for packaging. UPS offers a choice of three shipping containers: a folded corrugated tray, a molded fiber tray and an expanded polystyrene foam mold. These options may vary.

Ensure that the recipient in France is over 21 years of age. Most carriers require an adult signature upon delivery. If you are sending the wine to yourself, make sure you are in France by the time the package arrives.

Ask for a receipt of delivery. This notifies that you the wine was successfully delivered.