How Long Should a Wine Collector Keep a Merlot?

by Anthony Potenza ; Updated September 28, 2017

Merlot grapes

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Ready to Drink

Most wines are meant to be consumed upon release. This is particularly true of merlot, since it is a soft, plummy wine with smooth tannins. Tannins are what preserves the wine for aging and what gives your mouth that dry, astringent feeling. When referring to merlot in the $12 range, states, "Drink in the short term. Hold for a few months or even a year but these are usually ready to drink when you get them."

A Few Merlots Can Age

There are some merlots that can age more than 10 years. Regarding merlots that are $25 or more, states, "These wines are likely to improve with age. Depending on the wine, look for five to 12 years of improvement. A few special wines will age much longer." Chateau Petrus, a bordeaux that can sell for hundreds of dollars a bottle, is 100 percent merlot and can age for decades.

Bottom Line

Cheaper merlots are not "age-worthy" and should be drunk within a year. The better, more expensive merlots can be held for about 10 years. This assumes, of course, that the wines are stored properly.

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