How to Sell Hair for Human Hair Wigs

Got hair? Judging by the hits produced by Internet-wide searches for "human hair market" and "sell human hair," if you are willing to part with your healthy locks, you should experience little if any trouble finding a buyer. An article published on the website "Stay a Stay-at-Home Mom" suggests that a good head of hair may bring the seller $200 to $1,000 or more.

Seek out people and companies buying hair to make human hair wigs. Search online for human hair wig makers, hair buyers or places to sell hair —, and even and Owners or managers of beauty salons or retail wig shops may also be able point you toward buyers.

Examine hair-for-sale ads on the same websites to form an estimate of the price you might expect for your hair.

Keep in mind that buyers making human hair wigs want to buy virgin hair 10 inches long or longer. The hair should be in excellent condition and not chemically processed with perms or dyes.

Make sure you have good photos and a detailed description of your hair care. Set a price for your hair or allow people to make offers for it, depending on the venue through which you choose to sell it.

Agree on a price and payment arrangements. Follow any instructions the buyer may have on how they want the hair cut off, stored, shipped etc.