How to Select Tanning Pills

How to Select Tanning Pills. In recent years, tanning pills have been largely discredited, since no single supplement has been able to produce a natural-looking tan without additional exposure to ultraviolet rays. Some tanning pills and vitamin supplements may enhance more conventional tanning methods, however, by affecting skin pigmentation at a biochemical level.

Choose a tanning pill that isn't associated with outrageous claims about the results you can achieve. Most tanning pills contain vitamin A and beta-carotene, which can naturally affect the skin pigment when taken under specific conditions. However, be aware that there is no magic pill that can darken your skin overnight, without producing serious side effects.

Use tanning pills in conjunction with exposure to ultraviolet rays for the best results. Exposure to sunlight provides the body with vitamin A naturally, and additional supplements that contain both vitamin A and beta-carotene may increase your success in achieving that sun-kissed look.

Select a tanning pill that is made from organic ingredients, which can be more readily synthesized into the bloodstream. Vitamin supplements that contain vitamin A and beta-carotene may be more effective than tanning pills that contain a lot of "mystery" ingredients.

Avoid tanning pills that claim to affect the body's natural ability to produce melanin, the actual pigment in your skin. Synthetic melanin may have an effect on skin color, but it does so only when it is injected directly into the bloodstream. No oral supplement made from synthetic or natural melanin has been able to produce a change in skin color.

Buy products with money-back guarantees when you select a tanning pill. It is entirely possible to achieve results with tanning pills if you do everything else right, such as exfoliating and moisturizing your skin, using a proper sunscreen and carefully monitoring the amount of time your skin is exposed to UV rays.

Ask your doctor or health-care professional about the effectiveness of tanning pills and whether they can produce results. Your doctor may be able to help you select the safest way to tan, with the least amount of health risks.