How to Roast Turkey in a Crock Pot

by Serena Styles

A Crock pot is an electrical countertop device that heats to a low temperature to cook foods slowly, typically for three or more hours. They come in many different shapes and sizes, from small and round to large and oval. You can prepare many different types of food in a Crock pot, including an entire turkey. Roasting a turkey in a Crock pot is not that much different or difficult than oven-baking the bird.

Cooking the Turkey

Place a thawed turkey onto a clean countertop. Remove the neck and giblets from within the body cavity.

Rinse the turkey under warm water and pat it dry with paper towels.

Mix salt, parsley, black pepper, garlic powder and olive oil in a small bowl, stirring with your fingers. You may substitute these seasonings if they are not to your taste.

Rub the seasoning mixture over the entire turkey. Do not neglect the legs or wings of the bird when seasoning.

Peel a large red apple with a sharp knife and place it into the turkey’s body cavity.

Peel a medium white onion and chop it into four pieces. Place the quartered onion into the turkey’s body cavity. (Steps 4 through 6 are optional, but provide a nice flavor to the bird.)

Place the turkey into the Crock pot with the breast facing upward.

Cover the Crock pot and cook the turkey on high for five to six hours.

Allow the bird to cool for 10 minutes before removing from the Crock pot and carving.


  • Never cook a frozen turkey in the Crock pot as it will result in raw portions near the bones of the bird.

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