How to Restore your Hair Color, From Gray to Great

by braniac

Why does your hair change to gray? The answer to this question is a simple little secret, a magical pill that will restore your hair color.

Step 1

Why does your hair change color and texture as you age? As people age their nutrition is compromised by their bodies inability to absorb nutrients from the foods they eat. Sometimes the problem isn't the body as much as a person's diet. They aren't eating minerals that support what the body views as unessential. Whatever the reason, the problem is to get the colon to absorb nutrients, especially minerals.

Step 2

What can I do about it? Clean clean clean your colon! Eat your fiber and get that colon clean! The reason your hair has turned from black to grey is because minerals are lacking in your diet and cooper is the key mineral to restoring a person's hair to their original color. Cooper is a heavy metal and not available in any food products.

Step 3

How long will it take? If you add cooper to the diet through pills you can expect you hair to change only if your colon is cleansed. To cleanse the colon