How to Rent a Wedding Dress

How to Rent a Wedding Dress. Groom's have been renting their tuxedoes for years, which saves them considerable money and hassle. Brides typically buy expensive dresses only to wear them once and then pay for storage space. Many bridal salons now rent dresses and accessories for a fraction of the purchase price. Here's how to rent a wedding dress.

Decide if renting is right for you. If you want to preserve your dress as an heirloom, or if you just can't bear the thought of wearing a used dress on your wedding day, buy a dress. However, if you want to skip the expense and time involved in owning a dress, renting may be the perfect solution.

Find a wedding dress rental business with a stellar reputation. Ask for references and talk to brides about their rental experiences. Ask local bridal salons if they rent or if they can make a recommendation.

Start shopping early. One disadvantage of wedding dress rental is that you'll have fewer options. You must find a dress that fits well and that is in excellent condition, which may take some time. When you do find a dress you like, make sure it's available for rent on your wedding date.

Ask about rental packages. It doesn't make sense to purchase accessories for a dress you don't own, so many rental stores offer wedding dress packages. Try to find a head-to-toe package that includes a veil or tiara, jewelry, undergarments and shoes. Undergarments refer to petticoats. You should purchase your own bra and underwear.

Read the rental agreement carefully. The contract should include a guarantee that your dress will be clean and available for pick-up several days before your wedding. Pay close attention to charges related to dress damage and make sure you agree with the renter's written description of the dress's condition. Ask questions and express concerns before signing anything.

Pay for the wedding dress rental. Depending on the company you choose, you must pay a security deposit or the entire rental fee up-front. Get a receipt and keep it until you return the dress.