How to Remove the Speedo Logo

by Nicolette Smith

The Speedo logo is a recognizable piece of sporting brand imagery. The logo is to be found on all items of Speedo clothing, and may be either an integral part of the clothing design, or merely a marker to identify the clothing as part of the Speedo range. The Speedo logo is usually made up of a type of plastic, and after repeated washes, the design can become cracked and unsightly. If you want to remove your Speedo logo, either because the design is beginning to show its age, or because you have just bought a brand new pair of Speedos and don’t feel like advertising the product on behalf of the company, there are a number of ways to remove the logo.

Items you will need

  • Iron
  • Protective sheet (newspapers)
  • Tweezers
Step 1

Turn your iron on. Leave to heat up on the maximum setting.

Step 2

Place your Speedo clothing in cold water. The cold water helps to separate the logo compounds from the clothing, by ensuring that the speedo material remains cold. If the Speedo material were to heat up, the logo might potentially melt into the materials rather than separate from it.

Step 3

Place your wet Speedo clothing on a protective surface. Lay the newspapers over you ironing board, and using your hot iron, run the iron directly over the Speedo logo, until it begins to melt. The melted logo will curl into little balls which you can pick off using Tweezers. Keep running the iron over the logo until the logo has “curdled.” Then remove.

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