How to Remove Mayonnaise Stains

To remove mayonnaise stains properly, you'll have to treat the stained fabric prior to laundering to make sure you remove all traces of the grease and oil. Getting mayonnaise out of carpets is a more involved and trickier process, but with patience and effort, your rug will soon be good as new.

Wash Mayonnaise out of Clothing

Lift excess amounts of mayonnaise off your clothing using a butter knife or spoon.

Use your favored laundry pre-wash spray or stain remover gel to treat the mayonnaise stain. Allow the stain to sit for 30 minutes.

Take a little liquid laundry detergent and apply it to the stain. If possible, rub in direction perpendicular to the grain of the stitching.

Leave it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

Wash the clothing in hot water, using a little bit of liquid detergent.

Lift Mayo out of Your Carpet

Scrape away any excess mayo from your carpet with a flat, dull knife.

Use a household fabric solvent and a damp sponge to soak the affected area of your carpet.

Moisten an absorbent pad with water and fabric solvent, and place it over top of the stain. Let it sit for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Flush with a mixture of warm water and cleaning solvent.

Let the stains dry. Repeat as necessary until the stains are gone.

Clean Miscellaneous Mayonnaise Stains

Clean mayo off of leather or suede by mixing some gentle soap or detergent with warm water. Create a lather by swirling up the mixture, then take a sponge to pick up some of the foam you create. Use the sponge to rub the foam onto the stain. Wipe it off when you're finished using a clean, dry towel.

Save your wallpaper from mayonnaise stains by wiping the stains in a uniform, downward direction using a damp clean cloth. Follow up by running a dry cloth over the area where the stain was.

Protect stainless steel and silver jewelry from mayonnaise stains by washing the item in soapy water. When you've finished rinsing the item in clean, warm water, pat it dry using a soft chamois cloth to ensure you don't scratch or damage the finish.