How to Remove Chocolate Milk Stains

Chocolate milk is a nutritious way to satisfy a chocolate craving. Nevertheless, enjoying a delicious glass of chocolate milk can suddenly feel like a disaster when it spills on your clothes, carpet or furniture. A chocolate milk stain that is ignored is unlikely to come out, but if you treat the stain quickly and properly, you can usually remove it before it causes permanent damage.

Check the labels

For clothing, check the label of the stained garment. Most garments have cleaning directions. However, for special care fabrics such as silk or suede, get recommendations from your dry cleaner.

Prepare the clothing

Prevent fading by turning the garment inside out when you try to remove the stain. Place a clean soft towel between the two sides of the item so the cleaning solution touches only the area you are cleaning.

Test the cleaning product

Test the cleaning product on an unobtrusive area. For carpet, spray a small amount of Professional Resolve Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner on a swatch or inconspicuous area. Let sit for ten minutes and blot with water. For furniture or a garment, apply a small amount of Stain Devils #4 to a swatch or inner seam. If the cleaning solution harms the test area, have the item professionally cleaned.

Soak the Stain

No matter where the stain, use a white towel to soak the stain by blotting it with cold water until it is lightly saturated.

Blot Gently

Use a dry dye-free towel to blot out most of the water, but do not rub excessively as you may damage the fabric. If the stain is still visible on the furniture or garment, soak the stain with Stain Devils #4. Let the solution sit for two hours and then blot again with a clean white towel.

If the stain is visible on carpet, lightly spray with the carpet cleaner, wait 10 minutes and then blot clean with a white towel.

Rinse and wash

If the stain is on a garment, rinse and wash the item in warm water with laundry detergent. If the stain is on furniture or carpet, rinse off the cleaning solution with warm water and blot with a clean white towel.

Dry the product

Whether the stain is on clothing, furniture, or carpet, examine it carefully to see if stain is gone. Even if you are attempting to remove a chocolate milk stain from clothing, air dry the item instead of putting it in the dryer. Do not apply dry heat to carpets, fabric furniture, or clothing as dry heat will set the stain and make it difficult to remove.