How to Put a Ring in a Fortune Cookie

fortune cookie image by Annett Goebel from

Proposing marriage to the person you love is one of the most exciting events that will happen in your lifetime. There are dozens of ways to propose, some being expensive and over the top, but simpler methods are sure to amaze your partner, too, like placing a ring into a fortune cookie. This is a great way to propose after having delicious Chinese food at your favorite Chinese restaurant together.

Type the message you would like to put into the fortune cookie. Write something simple like, "Will you marry me?" and make the font size about 10 or 11 so that it's not too big. Print and carefully cut out your fortune.

Unwrap one of the fortune cookies from its plastic packaging and lay it aside. Take a paper towel and spray it with a water bottle until it is damp. Wrap the cookie completely in the moist paper towel.

Put the wrapped fortune cookie into your microwave for approximately 15 to 30 seconds. The time may vary since every microwave is different. Remove the cookie from the microwave and carefully unwrap the paper towel. You will see that the cookie is now soft, so carefully peel back one of its folded sides. Remove the fortune that is in the cookie, place in the new fortune and the ring. Keep in mind that the cookie will stay soft and pliable for a short time before becoming crisp again, so move quickly.

Fold the cookie’s side back over using one of the other fortune cookies as a model. Set the cookie aside in a safe place where it will not get crushed.

Find a Chinese restaurant where you would like to propose to your significant other. Call or visit them before going to dinner so that you can prep the restaurant about the engagement and the cookie. A way to not mix your cookie up with any others is by either chipping the engagement cookie slightly or putting a tiny dot of red food coloring on it.