How to Prepare for Getting a Piercing

How to Prepare for Getting a Piercing. While a piercing is not as permanent a body modification as a tattoo, you should still think it through before deciding to add a new hole. Once you've determined you're ready and you've chosen what to get pierced, you must prepare for the actual piercing.

Set an appointment with a trained body piercing professional that you have previously chosen based on the cleanliness of the shop, their attitude and knowledge about the piercing you will be getting. Although not all shops require appointments, it's always better so both you and the piercer will know exactly what time to be at the piercing shop and you're guaranteed to get the piercer you want.

Talk with the trained body piercing professional who will be doing the piercing about risk factors, healing time and any potential complications associated with the piercing you want, including the odds of the piercing to reject.

Share any information with the body piercer about health problems you may have. For example, if you are diabetic, you tend to heal slower and piercings that take a long time to heal would be a bad choice.

Have the body piercer examine the area that will be pierced to make sure there are no potential problems with a piercing being placed in that location. For instance, some people have tongues that are too short for a tongue piercing. If the piercer tells you that a piercing will not work, take their word for it; they know what they are doing.

Bring photo identification with your birth date printed on it. A state issued driver's license or ID card are the most common forms of identification, but you can also use a military ID or passport. A reputable shop will have a release form for you to fill out and will need a copy of your identification to put with it.

Find out beforehand what forms of payment are accepted and bring enough money to cover the cost of the piercing and the jewelry, and a tip, if you are so inclined. Some shops will take checks or credit cards, but others only accept cash. Some shops prices include the jewelry, but some will bill it separately.

Show up to your appointment on time. Many shops only allow a small window for tardiness, especially if there are more people waiting for a spot. At some shops if you're more than ten minutes late, you go to the bottom of the list, which means you may be waiting a while if there are a lot of people waiting.