How to Get a Guiche Piercing


A guiche (pronounced "geesh") piercing is a piercing of the perineum. It's an erotic piercing that can add stimulation to the entire genital area. Though it's a more common piercing among men, women can also get a guiche piercing.

Ensure you're a good candidate for a guiche piercing. Because of its location, a guiche piercing is more difficult to heal than other genital piercings, and your body may reject the jewelry even if you take care of it. It also can affect such activities as cycling and horseback riding.

Find a piercer who has experience in guiche piercings. Guiche piercings aren't common, and you don't want to be one of the first that your piercer has done. If you're modest, consider requesting a piercer of your gender.

Wear loose clothing below your waist when you get pierced. Restrictive or tight clothing will make the trip home from the piercing studio uncomfortable.

Discuss exact placement of the guiche piercing with your piercer, including whether you want a horizontal (side-to-side) or a vertical (front-to-back) piercing. Your anatomy may determine which placement is better for you.

Choose jewelry that your piercer recommends for the most effective healing.

Ask to see the placement marks after the piercer has marked them. Checking the marks ensures that there hasn't been any miscommunication between you and the piercer about the location of your guiche.

Breathe in deeply before you're pierced and let the breath out as the piercer pushes the needle through. It just takes a moment for the piercer to insert the jewelry after the needle is in place.

Treat your guiche piercing gently for the first 2 to 6 weeks, keeping it clean. Resist any urge to play with it. Saltwater soaks can speed the healing and are soothing.