Nose Hoop Vs. Stud

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When you decide to get your nose pierced, you must choose whether you want a hoop, also called a ring, or a stud. Consider not only the aesthetic value of each but also the effects of the actual piercing in your decision.


Nose rings offer a thinner gauge, allowing extra room during the initial swelling from the piercing. The thinner hoop also makes cleaning the piercing and turning the ring easier than a stud, according to Bella Online.


Studs can sink into nose tissue if the jewelry is fitted too tightly to the skin and can lead to infection. Make sure that whatever style you choose that you purchase a hoop or stud made with hypoallergenic material, such as surgical steel.


Decide whether you prefer the look of a hoop or a stud. If you change your mind or want to vary your look, you can switch from one style to another after the piercing has had time to heal.


Have your nose pierced with a needle rather than a piercing gun. A piercing done with a gun causes a more difficult healing process through extra trauma to the nose, according to Go Ask Alice.