How to Poach Quail Eggs

Softly poached quail eggs are delicious with salad on special occasions when you'd like to serve up something \"out of the ordinary\" for your dinner guests. Poaching quail eggs is quite easy and can be left right until the last minute to cook for your guests, as eggs cool easily and these are supposed to be served warm with your salad. Get ready for the compliments.

Fill the medium saucepan three-fourths full of water and set on heat to boil. Allow water to come to full rolling boil. Be extra careful working around boiling water as serious burns and scalds may occur accidentally.

While the water is still at a rolling boil, stir the water around clockwise with the metal spoon and quickly grab the first few quail eggs, break them one at a time and drop them carefully into the swirling water. Reduce the heat to medium heat and watch the eggs turn opaque. They will be done when this occurs.

Gently remove soft-poached eggs from the saucepan and place on a warm plate. Bring the water to a full rolling boil once more before poaching additional eggs and follow steps one through three until all eggs are poached.

Serve with your favorite green salad and serve to your dinner guests.